IFREMER is a French institute that undertakes research and expert assessments to advance knowledge on the oceans and their resources, monitor the marine environment and foster the sustainable development of maritime activities. To carry out its missions, IFREMER designs and implements tools for observation, experimentation and monitoring and manages oceanographic databases.

Created in 1984, IFREMER is a state-owned public industrial and commercial institute (EPIC), placed under the joint supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research and the Ministry of the Environment, Energy and the Sea.

Its missions were to conduct and promote basic and applied research as well as expert assessments and technological and industrial developments to:

  • Study, assess and develop the ocean’s resources and their sustainable use,
  • Improve methods to monitor, forecast and build stewardship to protect the oceans and enhance the value of the marine and coastal environment,
  • Foster the socio-economic development of the maritime sector.

Some 30 years after its creation, IFREMER continues to pursue these very same goals.

As a partner in the PRIMROSE project, Ifremer will be strongly involved in two Workpackages (4 and 6). We will develop and evaluate the implementation of an autonomous monitoring by flowcytometry in coastal waters and we will evaluate the transboundaries relationships by studying the population connectivities of Dinophysis and Alexandrium at the European scale through SNPs approach.