Brief description of Indigo Rock

Indigo Rock has been in operation since 1991 originally as part of the Aquaculture Development Centre (ADC), University College Cork. However, in 2008 it was established as an independent research station with charity status. Research at the station has focussed on fish, shellfish and algal aquaculture husbandry, bioplastic production (from seaweed), minimising waste in aquaculture and fisheries production processes, finfish clinical trials, developing new products from waste, environmental monitoring and harmful algal bloom research.

Selected projects:

  • NETALGAE (Inter-regional network to promote sustainable development in the marine algal industry). Atlantic INTERREG programme.
  • LABELFISH examines use of standardised genetic technologies in seafood traceability systems funded under the INTERREG Atlantic Area programme
  • BIOTECMAR which aimed to help fish related companies in the Atlantic rim take advantage of biotechnological tools in order to exploit their organic waste more effectively (Atlantic INTERREG Programme).
  • ECOFISH which aimed to to minimise the environmental impact of finfish aquaculture by the use of hatchery produced cleaner fish (wrasse) to remove parasitic sea lice (INTERREG -Northern Periphery Programme).
  • SEATRACES Smart Traceability and Labeling ToolBox for a Sustainable Seafood Production. Atlantic INTERREG programme.

Main Role

  • Identify and promote the needs of the aquaculture sector in the project.
  • Provide input into the design of the forecasting system.
  • Undertake an evaluation of the new PRIMROSE services.
  • Define the practical and economic costs associated with improved knowledge by using the system.
  • Dissemination of the results and outputs of the project.