Joanna Gosling

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PhD student

Expertise in Aquaculture impacts, benthic monitoring and sediment sulphur biochemistry. My research interests include sustainable aquaculture and indicators for fish farm inpacts; sediment biogeochemistry and toxicology; microsensor technology; recovery processes in fish farm sediments, particularly sulphur speciation; benthic and coastal zone ecology

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I am quantifying sulphur biogeochemistry in the highly reducing sediments typically found beneath fish farms.  I investigate the relationships between the following sediment properties: pore water sulphide concentrations, insoluble sulphide species, redox and oxygen demand.

These sediment properties are being examined in detail during the recovery processes that occur in response to fish farm impacts. Together, these measurements provide information on the degradation rates of fish farm wastes over long periods (several months/years) and thus contribute to modelling.

Research objectives:

  1. To investigate the role of sulphur chemistry in sediment recovery
  2. To develop methods for measuring sulphides in fish farm sediments
  3. To quantify microscale relationships between oxygen, pH and hydrogen sulphide concentrations in response to a) enrichment level and b) seasonal temperature changes during short term recovery processes
  4. To quantify sulphur speciation in recovering fish farm sediments in response to enrichment level and seasonal temperature
  5. To identify if sulphur plays a role in the anaerobic oxidation of methane beneath fish farm


Project supervisors

Professor Kenny Black, SAMS

Dr Kirsty Crocket, SAMS






University of Aberdeen

Conference talks

2013 The World Aquaculture Conference, Adelaide, Australia, oral presentation

2015 UHI Aquaculture Conference, Oban, Scotland, oral presentation

2015 Postgraduate Research in Earth and Marine Science (PRiMES), Cambridge, England, oral presentation


Poster presentations

2012 UHI Research Conference, Inverness, Scotland, poster presentation

2012 2nd prize at the UHI research conference for introductory poster presentation

2015 The European Aquaculture Conference, Rotterdam, Netherlands, poster presentation

Professional activities

Aquaculture Research Collaboration Hub: Coordinator


Teaching experience

Teach First Summer School Graduate 2010

High school (KS3) Biology, Chemistry and Physics student teacher 2010-2011

Demonstrator for Undergraduate Marine Science at SAMS

Hosted many work experience student days including a 2 month student Highers project

Exam scribe


Fieldwork experience

Sediment sampling techniques

Aquarium sediment incubation design and set up

Employment history

June 2017-present: ARCH-UK Co-Ordinator. University of Stirling



2012 MRes Ecosystem-based Management of Marine Systems. University of St Andrews